What is the HydraFacial?

It is a brand new facial treatment that combines different serums to achieve exceptional results on your skin. It exfoliates, hydrates, and deep cleans your skin at the same time for superior results that last. It is considered the better & more evolved microdermabrasion that hydrates your skin. It is great for a wide variety of skin types and skin concerns of all ages.

The HydraFacial Treatment

Facial treatments are aplenty nowadays. There are chemical peels that exfoliate your skin. Hydrating facials that moisturize it. Anti-aging facials that reduce signs of aging. And that’s just naming a few.

But do you feel like your precious time gets wasted doing multiple treatments (when you could just sit at home and do something important. Like, um, watch Netflix?). Not to mention the toll it takes on your wallet?

HydraFacial is different, however. It can exfoliate, hydrate, reduce aging signs, and reduce hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, increase collagen, and more. It’s a Jack of all skin treatments (and a master at them too).

If you want to change your skin radically, you should try out one of our HydraFacial options. We go beyond regular HydraFacial treatments, using LED technology and unique peptides to improve HydraFacial results significantly.