Your skincare is important, and at Luxx Med Spa, we can help. We provide a variety of facials in NJ that are guaranteed to rejuvenate your skin. Facials are non-invasive treatments that hydrate, exfoliate, and protect your skin, giving it a smooth, clean, and healthy appearance.

When you come to our medspa in NJ, you can relax as the facial cleanses and hydrates your skin. We provide three different types of facials so you can choose the one that’s right for your skin type. These facials include the relaxed facial, the advanced facial, and HydroLUXX HydroFacials.

What Our Facials Do For the Skin

Cleanse & Peel
Do you want to cleanse your skin for a clearer complexion? Facials deeply clean the dirt, oil, and impurities from your skin. The exfoliation pulls off the dead skin leaving you with a smoother and cleaner layer of skin.

Extract & Hydrate
Extraction, exfoliation, and hydration can rejuvenate the skin. Facials hydrate your face by boosting blood circulation, which brings nutrients and oxygen to your face. This will improve the overall look of your skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells while evening out your skin tone.

Fuse & Protect
Facials can help if you have oily, dry, or combination skin. These treatments can help improve circulation to your skin, bringing more nutrients and oxygen in addition to encouraging collagen growth. This helps rejuvenate the skin and all-around protects, enhances, and improves your skin.

Facial Cost in NJ

Facials in NJ cost around $35 to $50. This price varies based on the type of facial you choose and the intensity of the treatment.

Facials We Offer

Relaxing Facial
We’ve designed our signature and premium facials for pure relaxation and optimal skincare. Our relaxing facials are customized to your needs, skin tone, and texture. These facials will hydrate and lift your skin for a beautiful appearance.

Advanced Facial
Our advanced facial uses non-invasive radio frequencies to treat your skin. This skincare treatment tightens your skin and helps reduce deep wrinkles, sagging skin, and jowls. The heat stimulates collagen production, which causes tissue contraction, leading to tighter and brighter skin.

HydroLUXX  HydroFacials
The HyrdroLUXX  Hydrofacial treats all skin types and is a great way to treat aging, discolored, dry, or blemished skin. The facial infuses the skin with personalized serums to your skin type to exfoliate and purify your skin.

We can tailor several facial modalities to your skin and your desired skincare results:

Oxygen Infusion – Increases hydration, brightens and plumps the skin.
Ultrasound – Reduces puffiness and swelling, helps tone facial muscles, and increases product penetration.
Cryotherapy – Tightens pores, reduces inflammation and redness. Great for those with acne or sensitive skin.
High Frequency – Oxygenates the skin, which calms inflammation and kills surface bacteria. Best for those with acne.
At LUXX Med Spa, we offer three types of HydroFacial:

The Express
Our express HydroFacial is our fastest skincare option with no downtime. This facial is best for dull or dry skin and provides exfoliation, extractions, moisturizer, and SPF.

The Ultra
The ultra HydroFacial brightens and repairs your skin. It includes exfoliation, infusion, and extractions.

The Works
We combine The Works HydroFacial with dermaplaning to treat all skin types. The treatment removes peach fuzz, exfoliates, infuses your skin with oxygen and extractions.

Facials FAQ

Are facials good for acne?
Yes, in most cases, facials are good for acne. They will provide temporary improvement to your skin but aren’t a good long-term treatment. Mild cases of acne can benefit from facials, and they can help remove whiteheads and blackheads too.

However, if you have inflammatory acne, you should avoid facials. The exfoliation involved in the facial can make your inflammation spike, and in some cases, cause acne scars.

Can I get a facial with fillers?
Yes, you can get a facial if you have fillers. You need to wait two weeks after getting your fillers to get a facial. Two weeks after your procedure is when your fillers have set, meaning you can touch your face. However, be sure to make a note to the medspa that you have fillers to ensure your facial isn’t too rough.

Can facials get rid of blackheads?
Yes, facials can remove blackheads. We can manually remove blemishes like blackheads during your facial for optimal skincare results.

Are facials worth it?
Yes, if you want to clear out your pores, tighten your skin, and remove your blemishes, then facials are worth it. At LUXX Med Spa, our facials are a great way to purify, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin to combat dry skin and acne. Our services are fast, easy, and there is no downtime needed for the procedure. Treat yourself to the facial your face deserves today to brighten, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin.

To talk with one of our staff about how our facials in NJ can improve your skincare routine, contact us today at (973) 566-5900.