LUXX is a premier Med Spa offering BOTOX in NJ. We dedicate our resources to helping your beauty shine. We provide everything from facials to CoolSculpting and BOTOX. Our BOTOX procedure treats skin conditions like wrinkles and fine lines so you can have confidence in a beautiful and radiant appearance. Dr. Nusbaum is a weight loss surgeon who also specializes in cosmetic treatments such as BOTOX.

While we can inject BOTOX in different areas of the body, we primarily treat signs of aging on the face. If you want a smooth, youthful appearance but aren’t interested in a facelift, this non-invasive cosmetic procedure can give you the results you desire.

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Benefits of BOTOX

BOTOX injections relax muscles in the face to treat many different signs of aging. Whether you have lines around the lips, eyebrows, or on your forehead, this cosmetic treatment can help improve your appearance.

Below are the most common signs of aging that we treat with BOTOX in NJ.

Crow’s Feet
The name crow’s feet refers to the wrinkles that extend out from the corners of your eyes. The name comes from their resemblance to the appearance of a crow’s foot. These lines develop over time as you make repeated facial expressions that compress the muscles around your eyes. As you age, you lose collagen and tissue elasticity which makes your skin more prone to wrinkles.

When injected, BOTOX relaxes the muscles around the eyes to smooth the overlying skin and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

Frown Lines
Frown lines are creases on the forehead, typically located between the eyebrows. With age, your skin grows thinner, allowing frown lines to develop as you repeatedly make the same facial expressions. Sun exposure, stress, and smoking also cause frown lines.

Thin Lips
Thin lips can be genetic or a result of aging. Either way, they make the face unbalanced and often lead to feelings of dissatisfaction. BOTOX acts as a lip lift to relax the muscles over the upper lip, which causes the lip to move upward for a more voluminous appearance.

Bunny Lines
Bunny lines are wrinkles that form on and around the nose. Often seen when you scrunch your nose, bunny lines result from aging and repeated facial expressions. These creases start on the nose but can fan out toward the eyes for more substantial signs of aging.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost in NJ?

BOTOX in NJ typically costs between $10 and $25 per unit. You can also get BOTOX per treatment area which costs around $125-$400. These prices vary based on the size of your treatment area.

BOTOX Procedure

A BOTOX procedure involves injecting a thin needle into your desired treatment area. This will have a relaxing effect on your muscles. No numbing or anesthesia is needed before the injection, and the treatment will not affect the surrounding tissue. You may need multiple injections within one session to thoroughly treat your desired area.

The cosmetic treatment takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete, and you can return to normal activities later that day.

You will start to see results from your BOTOX procedure within one to two weeks. After these first initial weeks, your BOTOX results will last three to six months before you’ll need a follow-up procedure.

BOTOX is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure which means there is no downtime. You can go back to work and do other normal activities the same day as your treatment. However, it’s best to avoid rubbing the injection site as this could spread the BOTOX to unwanted areas of the face. You may want to wait to do strenuous exercise, spend significant time in the sun, or drink alcohol.

Mild redness, swelling, and bruising are normal, but this should resolve within thirty minutes of your BOTOX treatment.

BOTOX vs. Fillers

When it comes to treating wrinkles, there are two main cosmetic treatments you can choose: BOTOX and dermal fillers. While they may both be injections that treat signs of aging, these cosmetic procedures vary in every other respect, including how they work, how much they cost, and what results they produce.

BOTOX relaxes the muscles, which means this cosmetic procedure treats signs of aging caused by muscle movement. In comparison, dermal fillers use substances like calcium hydroxylapatite or hyaluronic acid to add volume for a smooth appearance. Fillers treat static wrinkles or wrinkles not caused by muscle movement but caused by a loss of elasticity.

Results from fillers last the longest, but they are more expensive than a BOTOX treatment. Determining which cosmetic treatment is right for you depends on what type of wrinkles you want to treat. BOTOX is the right cosmetic treatment for you if you want to treat muscle-related wrinkles like bunny lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines.


Who is the ideal candidate for BOTOX?
The best candidate for BOTOX is someone who wants to treat wrinkles and lines that are due to aging and muscle movement, thin lips, or other cosmetic purposes. You are above 18, physically healthy, and not pregnant.

How long does it take to see the final results?
You will start seeing results from your BOTOX treatment within two to three days, but it may take up to two weeks to see the final results.

How long does BOTOX treatment last?
The results of a BOTOX treatment last around three to six months. After this, you will need additional BOTOX treatments to maintain your desired appearance.

Can I combine BOTOX with other treatments?
Yes, you can combine BOTOX with many different cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance. This includes dermal fillers, CoolSculpting, and chemical peels.

Can I get BOTOX for medical purposes?
Yes, BOTOX may serve as a treatment for medical purposes in addition to cosmetic reasons. These include hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, joint disorders, and migraines.

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