BBL HERO harnesses the power of broadband light, which is considered the gold standard of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. During a BBL HERO treatment with Forever Body™ or Forever Young™ technology, quick pulses of light are directed through the upper layers of the skin at pigmented or vascular lesions. The pigment in the lesion absorbs the light, and biological processes destroy this target. Within days, the body naturally removes the pigmented cells, replacing them with fresh, undamaged cells. The skin in the treated area gradually appears clearer, younger, and healthier.

BBL HERO treatment can be used to treat sunspots, age spots, redness, dull-looking skin, and other visible signs of aging virtually anywhere else on your body. It is frequently used to rejuvenate the arms, legs, chest, and shoulders.

BBL HERO Treatment Details

Our patients tolerate BBL HERO treatment very well. A full-body treatment takes only minutes and usually does not require an anesthetic numbing cream.

During your treatment session, the BBL handpiece is passed over the target areas. You will feel a warming sensation with each flash of light. The Sciton BBL handpiece incorporates a cooling plate that keeps the surface of your skin comfortable throughout treatment and does not require numbing cream.  Each body part takes only minutes to treat.

Right after treatment, the pigmented or vascular lesions will darken, confirming that the light reached its intended target.

No downtime is required after the treatment. You can immediately resume your normal routine, as long as you stay out of direct sun exposure. When going outside, apply sunscreen liberally.

Dr. Nusbaum will create a custom treatment plan tailored to your unique concerns. Most patients require two treatments to achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes. Expect to see initial results within two to four weeks of your treatment.