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BroadBand Light Therapy at LUXX Med Spa

Broadband light therapy (BBL) is a popular cosmetic treatment that revitalizes the skin by using light therapy. It reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, birthmarks, and much more anywhere on the body where you have skin issues. 

Dr. Michael Nusbaum and the team at LUXX Med Spa are dedicated to bringing you the best BBL Hero treatments for your skin. We want to help you achieve your goals and feel confident in your skin with effective cosmetic treatments. 

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What is BBL Hero?

BBL Hero is a new type of cosmetic light therapy that stands out from traditional treatments because it produces better results faster. Hero stands for High Energy Rapid Output, which means BBL Hero can provide more power and has better built-in cooling systems to protect your skin. With this cosmetic treatment, we can treat a larger area faster than with other BBL therapies. 

How Does Broadband Light Therapy Work?

Broadband light therapy uses targeted pulses of broad-spectrum light to treat skin damage, pigmentation, and texture. This pulsed light warms the top layer of your skin, stimulating your cells and increasing collagen production. This cosmetic procedure will restore your skin to a smooth, clear complexion.

What Does BBL Hero Treat?

BBL Hero addresses many skin imperfections, including the following:

Dull skin

Skin that lacks radiance or appears flat is known as dull skin. Dehydration, sun damage, pollution, age, and environment can all cause dull skin. BBL Hero stimulates skin regeneration which results in new skin that’s clearer, smoother, and radiant.


Wrinkles are a common sign of aging whether static or dynamic. The skin regeneration that BBL Hero stimulates allows these creases in the skin to fill in with new skin. This results in a smooth, clear, and more youthful-looking appearance.

Age Spots

Liver spots, or age spots, are brown or black spots on the skin that are flat and vary in size. Common areas for age spots are the face, hand, shoulders, and arms due to their exposure to the sun. After a BBL Hero treatment new skin will replace the damaged skin that’s visible on the surface.

Sun Damage

Overexposure to the sun causes damaged and dry skin. The effects of this overexposure can appear as uneven pigmentation, dark skin spots, or other skin spots. BBL Hero removes the damaged skin cells and replaces it with new skin that’s not only smooth but even in tone.


Red skin is often a result of irritated skin whether from an allergic reaction, acne, or sun burn. BBL Hero replaces these dead and damaged skin cells with new, healthy skin for a clear complexion.


Rosacea is a skin condition that causes red, pus-filled bumps on the face, blushing, visible veins, and a burning sensation. BBL helps control redness that Rosacea causes by rejuvenating and healing the skin.

Birthmarks and Freckles

Similar to age spots, BBL Hero can reduce the appearance of unwanted birthmarks and freckles. BBL Hero removes old skin cells, those of the freckle or birthmark, and replaces them with new, even toned skin.

BBL Hero Cost

Generally, the final cost of BBL Hero ranges from $250 to $1500. This depends on your skin and how many treatments you’ll need. Full face BBL Hero treatments can cost anywhere from $600 to $800.

BroadBand Light Procedure

Your cosmetic procedure will start by applying a topical anesthetic to help limit any discomfort you may have. In some cases, a cooling gel is also applied. Most new BBL models and BBL Hero lasers have built-in cooling systems, so this may not be necessary. Right before the light therapy begins, you’ll put on eye protection to protect you from the bright lights. 

The procedure is simple; your cosmetic doctor will treat your skin using high-intensity light. Your face will feel warm, but you shouldn’t feel much discomfort. Your BBL Hero procedure time can vary depending on how much area needs exposure to the light. Compared to other BBL treatments, Hero can treat more skin faster, so procedure time will be shorter. When your procedure is finished, your face may be moisturized or applied with sunscreen to protect you from sun exposure. 


There is almost no recovery time associated with BBL treatments. There is usually some discomfort from the warmth of the laser, but after the cosmetic procedure, your face will cool. You may also have some swelling depending on your skin, but this can fade. Most patients take pain medication and use fans to keep their faces cool.


You should expect to see results from your BBL Hero treatment within the first two weeks. Your skin should start to feel smoother and improve as time goes on. Depending on how serious your skin issues are, you may need multiple cosmetic treatments for the best results. 

BBL Hero vs. Halo

BBL Hero and Halo are both laser-based cosmetic therapies that treat unwanted skin conditions. The main difference between these two cosmetic treatments is intensity. If you have primarily superficial skin issues, BBL Hero will work great to take care of it. Halo can treat more significant problems and scars more effectively because it stimulates collagen growth in deeper tissue on your skin.

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