Minimally Invasive Hair Transplants with NeoGraft®

If you have been dealing with hair loss and you want to restore your hairline, you may have looked into many different methods of regaining a thick and healthy head of hair. While many treatments can help to slow down hair loss and make the strands of hair healthier and thicker, it often isn’t possible to cause hair to regrow in areas where the hair follicles have already died. 

With our NeoGrafting services at Luxx Med Spa in Cedar Knolls, NJ, we can take hair follicles from one area of your head and place them in an area where you want to restore hair. This technology allows us to perform a transplant less invasive than a traditional transplant and helps to give our patients more options when it comes to hair loss. 

What Is NeoGraft Hair Replacement?

A NeoGraft hair replacement treatment is a minimally invasive hair transplant. During this service, hair follicles are harvested from an area that has plenty of hair. This area is typically at the back of the head. This type of treatment is also called Folliculator Unit Extraction or FUE, and it features cutting edge technology that allows the follicle to be extracted more gently which can lead to higher success rates and a shorter recovery time.

How Is NeoGraft Hair Replacement Performed?

The NeoGraft platform uses pneumatic suction to carefully and fully remove one or two hair follicles at a time. During the treatment, the harvested hair follicles are kept safely in a sterile location until it is time to transplant them onto your head. Neograft is beneficial because there is no need for any large incisions to be made on the scalp or for large amounts of tissue to be removed.

Who Is a Good Candidate for NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is a good hair thinning treatment for men and women alike. It is most often used on patients who are within the 20-60 year-old range who are looking for solutions to receding hairlines, thinning hair, or bald spots. This treatment can be suitable for a wide variety of hair textures including straight or curly hair. It can also be used for individuals of all different hair colors.

What to Expect From a NeoGrafting Procedure

Step 1: Consultation

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for this thinning hair treatment is for you to come in for an in-person consultation. We will help determine the cause of your hair loss, examine your scalp, and make sure that you have enough viable follicles to perform the NeoGraft hair transplant.

Step 2: Shaving the Donor Area

Once you are at our clinic for your hair restoration treatment, we will shave the donor area so that we can easily see each follicle and determine at what angle the hair is growing.

Step 3: Numbing the Area

The next step is to numb the scalp so that you don’t feel any discomfort during the treatment. We may offer additional medications depending on the patient and the situation to maximize comfort and promote relaxation. A NeoGraft hair replacement treatment can take many hours depending on the amount of thinning hair we are addressing, so we make sure you are comfortable.

Step 4: Removing the Donor Hairs

After you are completely numb, we can begin harvesting the donor hairs. During this part of the process, we use the NeoGraft device to gently remove hair in a pattern, leaving some follicles alone. The follicles that are harvested using this hair restoration process are stored in a canister in the device which helps to keep them healthy and moist.

Step 5: Transplanting the Hairs

Once all of the hairs have been harvested, tiny holes are made in the area where you want hair restoration. Then the newly harvested hair follicles are placed in each of these holes. The reverse air-pressure technology ensures that each hair is placed at the precise depth and angle that it needs to go which helps the scalp to heal flat without bumps and to create a natural appearance. 

Step 6: Recovery

This hair restoration treatment comes with a shorter downtime than other methods. Since during a more traditional treatment a section of scalp is removed and a large incision is made, it can take time to heal and leave a visible mark. However with this hair thinning treatment for men and women, the donor area can heal in several weeks leaving no visible marks.

During recovery, you can expect a little swelling and tenderness. You may also notice the hair shaft shedding after a few days. These are all normal for this thinning hair treatment and don’t indicate a complication. You can be back to light activities after two to three days, and back to your regular routine after a week. It can take a few months to start seeing healthy, thick hair growth in the area.

How Can You Maintain Results?

If you want to maintain or increase the results of your treatment, you can consider having PRP or PRFM treatments. Platelet-rich plasma can boost blood circulation and deliver growth factors and platelets into the area where you had your hair restoration treatment. As a result, these injections can make the hair in the area even healthier and thicker. We provide both NeoGraft hair restoration and PRP hair thinning treatments for women and men who are concerned about hair loss. 

Call Us for Hair Restoration Treatments

If you have thinning hair and other treatments haven’t been effective for you, you can try our hair thinning treatments for women and men in Cedar Knolls, NJ. At Luxx Med Spa, our hair restoration services with NeoGraft have helped many people to restore their hairline using their own hair. Call us today at (973) 998-9833 or book online using the form on our website for more information.

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