Jumpstart Your Health With Medical Weight Loss Programs

When it comes to losing weight, everyone is different. But it can be a difficult process for many people and is often frustrating for those who don’t see progress, lack the accountability of a helpful and supportive person, or find dieting difficult due to strong cravings. 

At Luxx Med Spa in Cedar Knolls, NJ, we are here to be a source you can turn to for encouragement during your weight loss journey, and we offer several different customizable treatments to ensure that you have a diet plan that you can follow that can provide real results. Our medical weight loss combines injections with an individualized diet to help you meet your goals. 

Our Weight Management Programs in Cedar Knolls, NJ

Many people don’t have success with weight loss programs because they often offer cookie-cutter services that don’t take into account the individual’s body type, lifestyle, and underlying conditions. That is why we specialize in diets that are specifically customized for you. Our weight loss programs always begin with detailed testing to help determine factors that may be causing your weight to fluctuate or that may be making it difficult to lose weight. 

What Factors Could Be Preventing Weight Management Success?

Genetic Factors

There are many different genetic factors that could be contributing to your weight gain or lack of success in losing weight. Genetics can cause fat to collect in certain areas and it can be difficult to slim down these specific locations. Some undiagnosed genetic conditions can also affect your ability to lose weight. Determining these factors can be essential to finding the right solution. 

Hormonal Factors

If you have an imbalance of the hormones that cause you to feel full or that cause you to feel hungry, it can often lead to overeating. For many people, their body gives them incorrect signals of hunger when they don’t actually need food. This can make it incredibly difficult to forgo food since it is so uncomfortable to do so. 

Lifestyle Factors

Sometimes lifestyle factors can impact weight gain. High levels of stress can lead to overeating and can even lower your metabolism. The environment that you live in can impact things such as food choices or how easy it is to get outside for sunshine and exercise. 

Medications or Allergies

Certain medications can lead to weight gain so it is important for us to know what medications you are on. We can often find solutions to problems with medications and weight gain. If you have undiagnosed food allergies, this may also be tied to your weight gain. While food allergies themselves do not cause weight gain, feeling sick or low energy because of food allergies can cause you to limit your daily activities, which can lead to putting on pounds. 

Our Customizable Weight Loss Services

The Nusbaum HCG Diet

One of the customizable options that we offer is our Nusbaum HCG diet. Developed by and named after Dr. Richard Nusbaum, this diet consists of a  lower calorie diet that is carefully overseen by us as well as injections of HCG. 

HCG is a hormone, most commonly known as the hormone that increases after a woman becomes pregnant. HCG can work by helping your body to specifically target fat stores in your body. As your body seeks a source for energy to make up for the lower calorie diet, HCG can cause your body to focus on your unwanted fat, burning it more quickly. HCG can also protect your muscles during this weight loss program so that you don’t lose muscle mass. 

Additionally, HCG can also help you to feel less hungry, which can make the dieting process more comfortable and help you achieve better results. When combined with a special diet that is specifically targeted to your needs, this diet can help you lose up to 1 pound per day. Towards the end of the program, we will carefully increase caloric intake and decrease HCG injections to prepare you for the transition away from the low calorie diet and weight loss medication.     

The Semaglutide Diet

The semaglutide diet involves combining weight loss medication with diet and exercise that is closely supervised by us. This diet is especially helpful for those who have hormone imbalances and who feel hungry more often. 

With this type of medical weight loss, we use regular semaglutide injections to help manage your appetite. When we include weight loss medication, you can feel fuller faster, and you won’t have as many cravings throughout the day for food that your body doesn’t need. We combine this with a healthy diet as well as all of the education and encouragement that you need to continue living a healthy lifestyle after your weight loss management program. 

Food Elimination Diet

If you have food allergies, you have inflammation in your body, or you have been exposed to a high level of toxins, a food elimination diet may be the right choice for you. Using this diet, we can help you to eliminate foods that are causing an allergic reaction or inflammation in your body. By changing your diet, we can also help your body to eliminate toxins. 

Weight Loss Consultations

If you want to lose 10-100 pounds, but you are struggling to do it on your own, we have many different tools at Luxx Med Spa that we can use to help you be successful. Our weight loss management services in Cedar Knolls, NJ include diet and exercise accountability as well as medical weight loss treatments that can manage your appetite and make your weight loss more efficient. Contact us today by phone or online to setup a personalized consultation for our weight loss services.

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