Cosmetic Procedures


Cosmetic procedures do more than just improve appearance. Enhancing one’s natural beauty helps people develop a positive self-image and boost self-confidence, leading to overall better quality of life. At Luxx Med Spa we believe everyone deserves to feel good about his or her appearance. Through a variety of non-surgical and surgical options, we help our patients look and feel their best every day.

The physicians at Luxx Med Spa are all specialists who are highly-trained and board-certified.


Regular exercise paired with a well-balanced diet is the key to maintaining a healthy body shape. Even while practicing a healthy lifestyle many people experience the negative effects of weight gain (or loss), pregnancy, heredity, or natural aging on their body’s shape. Everyone wants to look in the mirror and be happy with their reflection, but reshaping one’s curves is sometimes difficult or impossible through diet and exercise alone. Depending on the patient’s unique circumstance and desired results, our physicians may recommend a surgical procedure, such as SmartLipo, or a non-invasive body contouring procedure like CoolSculpting.


The natural aging process is oftentimes unforgiving. From facial wrinkles and folds to a loss of plumpness in lips, nature seems to settle in more with each passing year. Injectable treatments—sometimes referred to as “liquid facials”—like BotoxJuvedermKybellaRestylane, and other dermal fillers are highly popular and also recommended by doctors and patients alike for individuals hoping to reverse the signs of aging without surgery. These non-surgical techniques result in enhanced volume and lift to targeted problem areas by smoothing out wrinkles and lines, filling hollow areas, and plumping lips that have flattened over time.


The possibilities of laser treatments are ever-expanding. When patients come to us hoping to improve the appearance of their skin, our physicians present a number of options that include skin tightening, skin resurfacing, body contouring, and body smoothing.

We offer many different cutting-edge laser and light procedures to treat skin conditions caused by photodamage, lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring, skin tightening, fat and cellulite, and acne.


In addition to our team of physicians, Luxx Med Spa also hosts a team of highly skilled licensed aestheticians with extensive experience in lasers, facialschemical peelsmicro-needlingHydraFacial, and microdermabrasion. The list of services provided by our aestheticians offers patients the opportunity to try various spa treatments for rejuvenating and revitalizing their skin.


Millions of men and women across the U.S. suffer from hair thinning or hair loss issues. We are proud to provide today’s most advanced hair restoration techniques including surgical hair transplant procedures and non-surgical hair restoration.

No matter how big or small the goal, our physicians and staff are fully committed to providing world-class medical service to each patient that walks through our door. We think that everyone deserves to feel beautiful.